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Facebook Ad Services

Our Facebook Ad services consist of two phases: Setup and Ongoing Optimization.

Phase I :Facebook Ads Campaign Setup

Here is everything that is included in the Facebook Ads Setup service:

1. Audience research

The first step is to identify how to target your ideal prospects on Facebook using interests, demographics, and custom audiences. We will conduct research to identify the best possible targeting opportunities.

2. Ad copywriting & images

The second step is to draft your ad copy and design custom images to make sure your ads, offer, and landing page are all congruent with your target audience.

3. Landing page design, layout, and copywriting

The third step is to create your landing pages. A landing page is the page the prospect ìlandsî on after clicking your ads. An effective landing page converts more visitors into leads and sales.

4. Conversion tracking

The fourth step is to install conversion tracking so we can measure the number of leads and sales generated directly from your Facebook Ads campaign. Conversion tracking needs to be installed so we can calculate your return on investment (ROI) and see exactly which ads are profitable.

5. Campaign setup and settings

The final step is to set up your campaign in Facebook and ensure the correct settings are in place. For example, weíll ensure that your targeting, device settings, bids, and conversion tracking are all set up properly.

Phase II : Facebook Ads Management & Optimization

We will manage and optimize your Facebook Ads campaign to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Hereís everything that is included in Ongoing Management & Optimization:

1. Audience testing and bid/budget management

We will edit your audience targeting, bids and budgets to maximize your return on investment. For example, we will raise bids to drive more traffic from profitable audiences, and lower bids to reduce traffic from unprofitable audiences.

2. A/B split-testing of ads and landing pages

Every month we will test different ad and landing page copy to improve the ad click through rates and sales conversion rates as part of the management service. A/B split testing is the process of testing 2 different versions of ads or landing pages (i.e. version A vs. version B) to see which one performs better over time.

3. Consulting to improve campaign performance

We will provide recommendations to improve your campaign performance. This includes your lead generation, sales and follow-up processes. Our goal is to continually improve your advertising ROI so we can profitably expand the campaign.

4. Campaign expansion

Once the campaign is profitable, then we will work to expand to drive even more leads and sales.

5. Monthly reporting & analysis

We will provide monthly reporting to show you your campaign performance.


Starting as a one-person operation targeting New Jersey companies, the initial core of our business was small-business internet marketing services. 5 years later, TrueSMB has grown to a Eight-person team focused on Internet marketing and website design services, and catering to small businesses. We’ve made it easier for companies to grow their business. We help clients spend less money and achieve better outcomes based on our ROI approach!

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