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WordPress Development

Below are the steps we take for every WordPress website project:

1. Create a Development Website

First, we build a separate development website on a subdomain or subdirectory of your existing website, or on a separate development domain. That way, we can get the website ready without editing your current website.

2. Install Theme & Create/Migrate Pages

Then, we install the WordPress theme and begin building out the website. We migrate any existing content onto pages on the development website. We also have a team of writers who can develop content for new pages as needed.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Setup

We draft edits to title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 headers. We also set up canonicalization, XML sitemap, schema markup, and improve site speed.

4. Set up / Integrate Webforms

We will create webforms on your new website, and integrate the webforms with you customer relationship management (CRM) or email software program, or have the information sent to you via email.

5. Install & Configure Google Analytics and Search Console

We will install Google Analytics and set up the proper conversion tracking so you’ll measure traffic, leads and sales from your website. We’ll also ensure that Search Console is properly set up.


Starting as a one-person operation targeting New Jersey companies, the initial core of our business was small-business internet marketing services. 5 years later, TrueSMB has grown to a Eight-person team focused on Internet marketing and website design services, and catering to small businesses. We’ve made it easier for companies to grow their business. We help clients spend less money and achieve better outcomes based on our ROI approach!

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