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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most profitable marketing investments you can make, because once you are ranking at the top of the search engines, the traffic is free. Our SEO services are designed to help you generate more traffic, leads and customers from the search engines, every month.

Once you request a quote, if we determine thereís a good potential fit, weíll first conduct an SEO Assessment and then weíll develop a custom SEO Proposal for your business.

Then, if you decide to move forward with monthly SEO services, our monthly services consist of two phases: SEO onpage optimization and Ongoing SEO Management.

Phase 1 SEO Onpage Optimization

The SEO Onpage optimization phase is where we lay the foundation for your website to rank high in Google. The SEO onpage optimization phase is typically completed during months 1-2.

This phase is focused on identifying your best keyword opportunities and then making sure your website is properly structured to rank high in the search engines for your target keywords.

Here are the main steps we take during the SEO onpage optimization phase are:
· Kick-Off
· Analytics
· Research
· Documentation
· onpage optimization Call
· Implementation

Step 1. Kick-Off

First, we start by gathering all of the information that weíll need to implement your SEO campaigns, including background information on your business and products/services and access to your website and profiles.

Step 2. SEO Analytics Setup

Then, we set up proper analytics and tracking systems so we can measure your SEO rankings, traffic and conversions. Weíll ensure that Google Analytics is properly set up, including Goal Tracking. And weíll also configure Google Search Console, as well as our rank tracking software.

Step 3. Keyword & Competitor Research

Next, we conduct keyword research to identify the best keywords to optimize your website for. We also research your top-ranking competitors to analyze why they are ranking at the top of the results, and the steps weíll need to take to outrank them.

Step 4. Document SEO Edits & onpage optimization Report

Next, we document our recommended modifications to your website. If youíre focused on attracting a local audience, weíll also document edits to local business profiles, including your Google My Business page. Weíll develop your SEO onpage optimization Report with all of our recommendations, including your current baseline for traffic and rankings.

Step 5. SEO onpage optimization Call

Then, 2-3 weeks after the initial project kick-off, weíll schedule a call to review our initial assessment and recommended edits to the website. Once we gain your approval, weíll proceed to implementing the SEO recommendations.

Step 6. Implementation

Upon gaining approval, we begin implementing the SEO onpage optimization recommendations, including making edits to your website. If your web developer will be making edits, we will support your developer by being available to answer questions about the SEO edits.

Phase 2 Ongoing SEO Management

During the Tune-Up phase, weíre focused on fixing technical issues and optimizing the priority pages of your website for relevant keywords. Next, we shift our focus towards building your link foundation and developing informational website content in order to continue improving your rankings and building your traffic.

Here are the types of work we typically complete as part of ongoing SEO management:

Link & Citation Foundation

One of the main things preventing websites from ranking higher in the search results is the lack of a strong foundation of links. For a locally-focused businesses, the priority is on building citations ñ mentions of your companyís Name, Address, and Phone Number. Weíll build a strong foundation by submitting your business to relevant directories.

Blogging & Content Development

According to Google, adding high-quality content to your website is the best long-term SEO strategy. Content marketing is a successful SEO strategy, for 2 reasons: First, when you create lots of quality content, youíll have more opportunities to get found in Google for more keywords. Second, by creating quality content, you are more likely to get quality links back to your website.

Depending on your type of business, we will develop quality content for your website via a Blog, Frequently-Asked Questions section, Resource Center, or all of the above.

Competitor Research and Outreach

We also conduct research and outreach to secure linking opportunities. For example, weíll research your top-ranking competitorsí links and citations, and then conduct outreach to build similar links and citations to help you catch up in the rankings.

Press Releases

For locally-focused clients in particular, weíve found that press releases can be a very effective way to building citations and improving local search rankings.

Guest Blogging

We also conduct research and outreach to blogs in order to secure guest blogging opportunities, where we can contribute an article to a blog in exchange for a link back to your website on that blog. We draft guest articles for your review and approval prior to submitting to the blogs for publication.

Conversion Improvements

In addition to growing traffic, we can also help improve conversions (the number of website visitors who contact you or purchase your products/services). We can improve conversions from SEO via strengthening the call-to-action on pages, installing a lightbox, and more.

Ongoing SEO Audits

After the SEO Tune-Up, we will continue to audit your website to ensure there are no issues preventing your website from ranking in Google. Depending on the size of your website, we will either conduct an SEO Audit every 3 or 6 months after the initial SEO Tune-Up.

Monthly SEO Tracking, Reporting & Analysis

Weíll provide monthly reports highlighting your website traffic, conversions, and rankings. Your monthly reports also include a summary of your customized monthly plans.


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