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FAQ’S While Searching For An SEO Firm

Why Do I Need SEO?

The most expensive part of running any business is finding new clients and customers. From attorneys to doctors, restaurants to retail, products to services–every business needs to continuously build their client base to keep up with competitors and grow revenues.
SEO is a long term investment in continuously growing your client base. Pay-per-click, per impression, or per view marketing are all one-time, instant gratification marketing means. Search engine optimization has no “per click” or “per view” fees– and once your results are achieved it is proven to have a better ROI to continue to reap the benefits of high search rankings for years.
If you had to drive to work every day, would you rather rent a car every morning or go buy a car? It makes much more sense from a convenience perspective as well as financial perspective to just buy the car. So why continue to pour funds into “renting” ad space when you can invest in SEO and “own” your space in the search engines for no per click charges, and reap the benefits for years to come.

Is All SEO The Same?

No! There’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ SEO. Good SEO is what TrueSMB offers; methods that improve your site ranking by ethically building links to your website and improving your rankings. Bad SEO is what a lot of our competitors offer where they blast your website with links from low quality sites or by using link building software that can lower your rankings and even get your website banned from search results.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

That’s like asking how much does a car cost. A basic car is relatively cheap, and so is ranking for a long tail keyword such as “How to fix my refrigerator”. A luxury car is relatively expensive, and so is ranking for an extremely competitive keyword such as “Appliance Repair(S)”.

Does TrueSMB offer cookie-cutter Search Marketing Packages?

No. Every client and every Website offers unique challenges. Each program that TrueSMB puts forward is customized to meet those challenges. Only after gaining a full understanding of your needs, goals, and limitations do we begin putting together a customized suite of services.
This individualized approach has allowed for many satisfied long-term clients.

What are you going to do when you search optimize my Website?

When TrueSMB optimizes a Website for search engines, we strive to make it look and read no differently to anyone who repeatedly visits the Website, except for those intimately involved with every detail. TrueSMB consultants seamlessly work relevant keywords/phrases into page titles, headlines, copy, links and meta-tags. Your Website will still be yours. It will just be more visible on search engines and attract more customers.

When Will We See Results?

It really just depends on the keywords/phrases. Some keywords/phrases can rank in as little as eight weeks, while other keywords could take as much as a few years. The best way to determine this is submit a request for a free SEO analysis from TrueSMB.

Isn’t It Better To Just Pay For Ads On A Per Click Or Per View Basis?

Yes and no. This really depends on the situation, but for most companies over a year or so it ends up being more effective, efficient, and cost friendly to engage in search engine optimization than pay per click advertising.

Does SEO Increase My Website/Company Value?

In the event that you sell your business, websites that are SEO optimized and ranking for keywords are worth money! There’s companies out there that buy and sell domains that are ranking for keywords and that have a large amount of quality incoming links, so yes SEO does increase your company value.

Does TrueSMB Marketing build Websites?

TrueSMB focuses exclusively on search engine marketing. We believe it is a specialty that requires total focus.
Designing and developing Websites requires different skill sets that would pull us away from our core competency. This is especially true when you consider the immense diversity of design and technical skills needed to develop the vast array of Websites that our clients have online. If needed we can step in and enhance the design and development by using some outside partnerships we have created.

How do we get started?

Request a Free SEO Analysis to allow us to evaluate your Website and your online marketing objectives. We will develop a program proposal tailored for you. Upon agreeing to what TrueSMB proposes to implement, as well as the fees, TrueSMB sends a straight-forward proposal. Upon receipt of the proposal set up down payment, TrueSMB begins work.

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